Hope everyone is having a happy, loving Christmas with family and friends. I know for a lot of you, it hasn’t alway been that way. Many of you have told me how well your lives have turned out in spite of the abuse and the horror you experienced as children. I think the most rewarding part of the emails you send me and the stories you publish are the stories about your children and grandchildren: the fact you have brought love and acceptance to your children’s lives who have passed it onto their children. You found something inside your heart, maybe stength, love, faith……..something that broke the cycle of abuse and neglect. For that the world is blessed and I applaud you.

I hope you take this time of year to congratulate yourself for the adults you became when there were so many other choices and paths you could have chosen.

I’ve been overseas for almost two months and almost missed an email from Barbara. Barbara sent us the first chapter of her story that I know you will want to read in ‘True Stories’.

Best wishes for a joyous New Year. Cherie xx