Hi Folks. I feel like I’ve been out of touch for a while and I’ve missed you. Have had computer problems and a short stint in hospital – all fine now.

Brenda’s story is really hitting home with people. I’ve received a number of emails from people remembering the same things – especially similar experiences, feelings and memories of the doctor. Also heard from people that were never in Geneva but are moved by what Brenda has written. If you haven’t read Brenda’s Stories yet, please take a few minutes to hear what she has to say. You’ll find it under the ‘Your Legacy’ page. And, please, give her some feedback and leave a comment – that’s better than emailing me. It takes a lot of guts to put it out there like Brenda’s done and I’m sure she’d like to hear your views and get some encouragement. A couple other people are considering putting their memories and experiences – their legacy – on paper so I can publish and share with you. As you can imagine, it’s very personal and sometimes a painful process. Let’s support these courageous people that are bravely facing their demons.

I believe these stories are very important for the world to hear. Wrongs and injustices were committed that can never be undone but we can make people aware and avoid future wrongs against our children. I’ve changed one of the headings to ‘Kids Behind Bars’. This is because there are still thousands of children being held behind bars through no fault of their own. In the country where I live, Australia, children are locked up in detention centers with their parents because they are illegal immigrants. This is damaging. Stories like Brenda’s help us realize the effect of this practice. I don’t believe we can turn our backs on these children. Education through the stories of your experience is one way we can raise awareness and make a difference. Thank you, Brenda, for helping to educate us and starting the journey to make a difference to the children of the future.