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Comments on: Inmate’s Room https://cheriebombell.com/inmates-room/ Kids Behind Bars, Geneva Illinois Thu, 06 Nov 2014 01:09:50 +0000 hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=5.8.3 By: Yvonne Powers https://cheriebombell.com/inmates-room/comment-page-1/#comment-3205 Thu, 06 Nov 2014 01:09:50 +0000 http://cheriebombell.com/?p=629#comment-3205 Hello Ladies..I was indeed born there in July 1963..My moms name was Virginia “ginny” Dineen Shriver. She told me that there wasn’t time for her to go anywhere to give birth to me. She said another girl was in to have hers and mom had me before her..actually right on the hardwood floor of her cell she said. I was taken to the dispensary and there for three days. Mom said they tortured her by not attending to me enough and when she’d cry out they put her in the hole. This went on for three days. I was taken to St. Vincents Orphanage and remained there for eight months. My mom also worked in the kitchen during her pregnancy. I was almost three the next time I would be with her. My mom never wanted to talk about that place. She was a foster daughter of Sgt. Shriver and Eunice Kennedy Shriver during the JFK Presidency for a year maybe. My mom never revealed to me who my bio father was. even when she knew she was dying. I’m writing a book about my life and desperately want to know who he was. I have a picture posted on my blog of my mom. You’re going to need a magnifying glass tho to see her until I re-post it bigger.

Take Care Ladies and know you are free now xo

By: Carole47 https://cheriebombell.com/inmates-room/comment-page-1/#comment-732 Fri, 03 Feb 2012 18:42:21 +0000 http://cheriebombell.com/?p=629#comment-732 In reply to Cherie Bombell.

Yes, I went into labor in Sept 1960 in the dispensary & was taken – by auto – to the (then) Illinois Research Hospital on the near west side of Chicago, later known as Presbyterian St Lukes. Remember, this was before the expressway system, so the automobile ride took Roosevelt Road (US 38) all the way in: I remember every bump & pothole. What a horror! After I gave birth – later that day – I was kept overnight & taken back to the dispensary in Geneva, where I stayed until my release from the School in October 1960. I gave the baby up for adoption.

I do not know of any instances where any births took place at the Illinois State Training School for Girls during my 6-month stay there in 1960. I can imagine where an emergency could occur – premature births, accidents, spontaneous abortions, etc. where that might have become necessary, but it did not during that time nor did I meet anyone who recalled anything of that nature.

I can imagine that before a comprehensive road system (circa mid-50’s) where that would have been necessary due to a lack of area hospitals at the time.

By: Cherie Bombell https://cheriebombell.com/inmates-room/comment-page-1/#comment-700 Thu, 29 Dec 2011 22:23:45 +0000 http://cheriebombell.com/?p=629#comment-700 In reply to Rudy.

So great to hear from a male’s point of view – especially your recollections as a 15 year old. Please tell us more about your experiences and what you are doing now, Rudy.

By: Rudy https://cheriebombell.com/inmates-room/comment-page-1/#comment-696 Thu, 29 Dec 2011 02:02:47 +0000 http://cheriebombell.com/?p=629#comment-696 i was an inmate at st. charles in the early 60’s. i remember when i was assigned to roosevelt cottage (solitary confinement) i used to watch the bus bringing the girls in to use the swimming pool and gymnasium on friday evening and i would wave at them thruogh the bars on the windows and they would wave back. man , that was so cool. it was the most excitement i ever had as a 15 year old while i was encarcerated.

By: Brenda https://cheriebombell.com/inmates-room/comment-page-1/#comment-563 Sat, 20 Aug 2011 18:52:07 +0000 http://cheriebombell.com/?p=629#comment-563 In reply to star lastovka.

Hi Star, I do remember the girl that swallowed pins and needles and was sent for surgery. I remember seeing her abdomen and all the scars. I won’t mention her name here, but she was a white girl with short curly hair. I’ve written in my journals about her and often wondered if she survived in life.

I was in the Dispensary in the room next to her’s during one of her recoverys from surgery. One day we were sitting in the hall waiting to see the doctor and she showed me the scars from her second attempt at suicide. She stayed in the Dispensary till she was taken to Elgin State Hospital.

Maybe you remember me I worked in the kitchen on weekends. One day I found a box of tea bags and asked the cook “could I please have a little tea?” She was a friendly older lady and said “I don’t see any harm in it”, and allowed me to have a cup.
After that I’d have tea every weekend and share it with the girls I worked with. Soon after that I got the nickname “liltea”.

I struggled with alcohol and drugs too trying to make sense of the hand I’d been dealt in life. The drugs and alcohol numbed the pain and dulled the memories for awhile, but soon I realized they were a crutch and I had to stand alone and face life.

I still struggle with OCD and anxiety, but now I have a supportive husband and amazing kids that do their best to try and understand by loving me and allowing me the space I need to deal with my demons. They are awesome!!

By: star lastovka https://cheriebombell.com/inmates-room/comment-page-1/#comment-562 Sat, 20 Aug 2011 16:19:24 +0000 http://cheriebombell.com/?p=629#comment-562 In reply to Cherie Bombell.

Hi Cherie,

I believe I was there in 1969??? I would have been 14. I thought maybe Brenda may have remembered me since I think we were there around the same time. There is so much of my past that I blocked out of my mind. I have no idea way I started looking for information on Geneva, now. I guess it has haunted me my whole life. My life has not been bad. I have suffered from depression and anxiety my whole life but that started prior to being incarcerated. It just was wrong to put troubled young girls into a place like Geneva School for girls. Most of them weren’t bad, just emotional troubled. I did struggle with alcohol and drugs for a time, but today thing s are good. I have 4 grown children and 5 grandchildren. We are a very close family despite the mistakes I made in the past. I am very lucky to have them.

As for “Jubilee Lodge in Peoria, IL” it was very nice. More like a girl’s summer camp than a prison. The girls were nice and the staff very freingly.

I think that things must have changed shortly after I was there because what it do remember was horrifying.

By: Cherie Bombell https://cheriebombell.com/inmates-room/comment-page-1/#comment-558 Sat, 20 Aug 2011 09:25:58 +0000 http://cheriebombell.com/?p=629#comment-558 In reply to star lastovka.

What an awful experience and memory, Star. I don’t know anything about Jubilee Lodge. What was it like being there? When were you at Geneva, Star, and how old were you? Did you have a family to go home to? I hope your life is happy now.

By: star lastovka https://cheriebombell.com/inmates-room/comment-page-1/#comment-556 Thu, 18 Aug 2011 00:52:17 +0000 http://cheriebombell.com/?p=629#comment-556 In reply to Brenda.

I was in incarcerated in Geneva for girl around the same time that you were there. I don’t have many memories of my time there, but the ones I do have are horrifying. I remember that the girls would hook up to together for protection, I think, or companionship. They called their girls something but, I can’t remember what. At movie night I would see the inmates sitting in the dark with their arms around each other. One girl I can’t seem to forget was weak and always picked on. I heard she was sent to the hospital for swallowing pins or needles. She would have rather died than be there another day. Something happened, can’t quite remember, I think that some girls sexually assaulted another girl or pushed her down the stairs. Not sure. But they were caught and put in solitary confinement for a week. They blamed me for telling and swore to kill me when they got out. I was put in the kitchen for my own protection and was transferred to another facility called “Jubilee Lodge in Peoria” before the girls got out of solitary.
I do believe if they didn’t get me out of there I would be dead.

By: Brenda https://cheriebombell.com/inmates-room/comment-page-1/#comment-540 Mon, 15 Aug 2011 04:52:06 +0000 http://cheriebombell.com/?p=629#comment-540 Oh My, Marilyn you make me laugh,
You don’t need a car to meet me I have one and will gladly come see you. We’ll make arrangements through email.

Yes, I remember the smell from the two canning factories in Hoopeston, not a fond memory. When I was about 6 I use to walk to 2nd Avenue, a cobblestone street where the migrants use to drive the tractors that pulled the wagons filled with corn. Sometimes they would throw corn off the wagon. It wasn’t until I was older that I realized they were not throwing corn to me, but at me. LOL

When I was young I use to faint a lot and now I think it was a fight or flight response to seeing or hearing something I couldn’t accept. My first trip to Geneva I fainted several times and each time I was sent to see the psych doctor. He’d asked me sexually explicit questions and enjoyed doing so. After one long embarrassing session I told my counselor what he was saying and doing, big mistake. She confronted him with me right there. He didn’t even try to deny it, instead very calmly he said I was seeking attention and the fainting wasn’t bringing the attention I wanted so I was now lying for attention. I was punished for telling the person I was suppose to trust that the psych doctor was molesting me. I’d love to see her today I think I’d slap her and as for the doc I’d ask him a few questions while I held a hot poker to his balls.

I left Geneva a few months later after a complete breakdown and went to a Youths Diagnostic Center where I finally told them the psych doctor at Geneva was molesting me. I remember being told there was an investigation with the psych doctor and me worrying what he was going to do to me when I had to return to Geneva to finish my sentence. But when I did return I learned he had left Geneva and I never talked about him or what happened until this site.

I’ll email soon and we can plan our visit.

By: Marilyn Brandt https://cheriebombell.com/inmates-room/comment-page-1/#comment-539 Sun, 14 Aug 2011 23:20:08 +0000 http://cheriebombell.com/?p=629#comment-539 HI,Brenda!! just read your comment,…i ck.this sight almost,everyday,now. I would LOVE to meet with you Brenda,only thing is,.(gawddd)lol,.i dont have a car!! ive always had a car,this is the first time,ive been “carless”,sence i moved out here to Arizona. I sold my car,before coming here (bigggggggg mistake!),and thought id get another one,when i moved here,……..WRONG!! lol,……these people,want,like 5,000 dollors for a old rusted ,out,banged up peice of you know what,…ive never seen such redicules prices for cars,….as out HERE. So,…on my,income,i guess ill remain,carless,…. the rest of my remaining days.yee gads!! (lol,the “rest of my remaining days??”………i dont,evennnn,like the sound of THAT!!!) True,tho, but i still,dont like the sound,of it!! lollol. I try to tell every young person,i can,that..ss disabilty,when you,apply,…goes ONLY,…and STRICTLY,..by the past 10 yrs. from the day you apply! i had NOOOOO idea,until i found out,after it was to dern late! Well,..the last 10 yrs., before i applyed,… i had owned a Bar,..in Georgetown(where i ended up,liveing)and,being stupid,i never paid into it,…big,BIGGGGGGGGGGGG mistake!! dern it!! SOOOOo, …as far as ss went,.id never worked a day,in my life!! Even tho,…i had worked 4 yrs at G.E, 7 yrs.at Bohn Alumiumn,(as a Brazer),and,the list,goes on…i alwayssssss had good jobs,and had never,.NOT,worked!! But,….like i said ss.cares,less about those yrs.ya worked,.only the last 10!!! So,i try to tell everyone,.. and not a one,so far,knew about that,…(as i never,either) I really,screwed myself,…royally. im not,like,in a wheelchair,or anything (tg),…i had filed for emphezema (ms)..and i wish now,i hadnt!…im still not on oxygen ,altho,this last time i seen the Dr., he said he may be putting me on it.(thats what HE,thinks) i,think,..”.NOTTTTT” But,anywayyyy i ended up,getting the very minium,they pay…348.00 ssi plus,343 social security. So,..no,car,..no nuttin. If anyone had told me,this was how id end up,in life,.. i would have called them a liar,..but,just like you said,…its strange,how life,can turn around,on a person..mine,……turned,and crashed! wrongggg turn lol. I havent had a easy life,hun,……..i raised all 4 of my children,by myself,..(2 girls…2 boys) with NO help,child support,..no,nothing. It was hard. And then,when my first born Son was 24 yrs old,he went to work for a fly by night water tower painting co.,.and,….fell 60,ft.down the riser tube,….to his death. Talk about,a nightmere…im still,not over it Brenda,and that was in 1986. Something like that,just rips apart a persons heart. and,soul. Well,….thennnnnnnn, my oldest daughter got into that damn crack cocaine,..ended up going to prison,..so i took in her 4 lil ones and raised all of them,.once again,…by myself. I owned my own house then,and thought i can do this,..no problem,..i was 50 ,at that time. To make a longggg story short,..the smallest one Seth,..he fell out of a tree compound fractured his right arm,…was in indy (methidest hosp.)for over 8 hrs in surgery,…and that dr., said that was the worst break hed EVER seen!! Seth has 3 permnant,pins inhis arm,and the dr., told me at that time..Seth HAD to,have acess to a swimming pool for theraphy,for his arm or,it would never grow right,if,at all. SOOOO,i morgaged,my home,to buy a swimming pool for him.Then,…i got a 2nd morgage to fence the whole 2 lots it sat on,…(rules of the town)..and,..just on and on and on,…one thing right after another,until,…i lost my home,my business,…and ended up in the houseing. Someone at the store once told me,..”Marilyn?..the lord is going to bless you,for raiseing all those grankids”..and i said,..”yea,..IF,.he dont read my mind!!” LOL..im sorry i never ment to tell my life story here,…but i guess i just felt like i needed to explain, why,.i have no car. cuss,most people would probbally say,.well? why dont you go buy one?? So,..now they know. yes Breanda,…..it is very strange, how life can turn around,on a person,…but im really happy,hun,…that yours,….turned out,for the best,and i mean that with all my heart…God Bless you,and yours,ALWAYS,sweet lady,..my e-mail is,..if you want it,is,…mrlynbrandt2000@yahoo.com p.s……you dont remember the smell,of that corn factory in Hoopston??LOL,…….i never lived there but boy,i sure remember that smell!! ok later,Bren,…Marilyn