I got sent back a second time and was on Campbell Hall I think. Several of us girls were assigned to clean up duty over at the cemetery. We had leaf rakes and bags and we were to go rake up the fallen leaves and pick up sticks, etc. One night after working in the cemetery, right after I went to bed, I was just lying there on my back when I started hearing a noise up on the ceiling. It was getting louder and louder when all of a sudden I realized it was the sound of a leaf rake scratching across the ground but above me!! It was like I was down under ground and someone was up on the ground above me raking!!! OMG! I’ve never before, or since, been so scared!! Or should I say terrified. I just started yelling out my lungs for Ma Campbell over and over until she came down and sat on the bed talking to me. She stayed with me for quite a while too until I half way got settled down. I have never believed in Ghosts and really still don’t, but someone, somewhere, needs to explain that to me. I wasn’t asleep either. I was wide awake.

Well, I’m about done talking about all this stuff now. I’ll just say yes, I had my home to go back to when I was discharged from there. I guess I was one of the fortunate ones. I’ve sure had a rough life every since though. I had 4 children like my dear Mother and I raised them all by myself without any help whatsoever. My first born son Michael was killed when he accidently fell 60 ft. down a water tower riser tube he was helping paint. He was 24. Talk about a nightmare. Then when I was 50, I took all 4 of my oldest daughter’s little ones in and raised them, again all by myself as she got into drugs real bad and as we speak, she’s in prison for the 3rd time. There’s a lot of really bad things that has happened to me in my life. It has not been a very happy one but I won’t go into all of that.

To be honest, the Girls School wasn’t really all that bad. I never saw or heard of any torture or bad stuff going on there. In my two years there, I never heard of anyone being mistreated badly – let’s give the devil its due. Being homesick was the worst part of it.