I’d like to share an email with you. The author, Yvonne, was actually born at Illinois State Training School, Geneva and would like to hear from anyone that knew her mother. This is a very interesting story with some high profile twists and turns. I think you’ll find it fascinating. Hopefully, one of you will remember her mother and can share your memories with Yvonne. All the best, Cherie

Dear Cherie,

My cousin found this site for me and I’ve sat and read two stories and am really, really sad and upset that my mom never told me how really bad it was. MY mom was there, I believe pregnant with me when she went in, tho the paternity of who my father really is/was is still a mystery that my mom never divulged. You see, she had just left the Shriver’s/Kennedys. She, My mom, Virginia “Ginny” aka “sunny” Shriver, nee Dineen, was a foster daughter of Sgt. Shriver and Eunice Kennedy Shriver. mom had a very rough life, especially after she lost her mother. Her father was deceased when she was young. My mom was put into social services after her mom passed away and a social worker was friends with Eunice. Eunice and her family were living in a penthouse downtown Chicago at the time. Some how, Eunice took my mom into her foster care. bought her couture clothes from Paris, riding and sailing lessons at the Kennedy compound, all during the presidency of JFK. My mom was witness to a lot of the Kennedy functions. She was also best friends with Liza Minnelli at the time. I am going to write a book about my life, but I have to go back in time to my moms era and bring it all forward. Needless to say, my mom had broke the camels back with the Shrivers and they had to give up on her. She ended up in Geneva Detention ctr. My mom hated to speak of that place, but she did tell me about a tiny part of it. she said that she worked in the bakery. When mom was in labor with me, she was usually naked in her room, don’t know why. she told me how she’d talk to me in her belly and of the responses she’d get from me after eating peach cobbler there. she said that when she went into labor, that another girl was in the infirmary in labor as well. they did not come for my mother until I was crowning. she said that it was too late to get to the hospital, so I was born there. they whisked me away from her right after birth. I can only imagine the tremendous heartache she must have felt. she told me of how she’d hear me crying and no one would pick me up or pay attention to me. she would yell and cry for them to pick me up, only to end up in the hole for yelling. she spoke of the hole as a regular part of her life.
My mom passed away last October from a long illness with cancer. I am new to this site and I will continue to read others’ stories. I am already affected with so much sadness of the children sent there.
I have a made up birth certificate. I have no idea if Geneva detention kept a record of my birth or not. I called there once, in about ’79-’80. I asked for the doctor listed at the bottom of my birth certificate. They put a man on the phone with me. He seemed to be very vehement about my not being born there. he said no babies were ever born there. I believe his name was DWYER OR ODWYER? not sure. there’s just so much I would love to find out. do you suppose they still have any records?

Again, thank you for doing this,
Yvonne Marie Dineen